Family & Friends

In the Age of Aquarius she pledged her fidelity, and in the new millenium I still cling to my long-suffering wife, Charlene.

For 31 years our hopes - as well as our heartaches - focused on our sons: John-Marc, his mother's child, the Harvard Ph.D. who thrust me into cyberspace; and John-Paul, my spitting image, a bohemian idealist who recently returned from a nearly three-year Peace Corps stint in Benin, West Africa.

I am inspired by longtime friends, especially the civic activist who published a flattering tribute to the bonds which join us, and by newer comrades in the struggle for justice, like my heretic buddy in Pax Christi.

Of course, I am most encouraged when I see a student whose life I've influenced develop into a thoughtful citizen and a responsible parent.

I hope to do as well with the young daughter we adopted in April of 2000, our beautiful Chantel Elisa.