More Links

Free Republic is a conservative site where participants repost and discuss current news articles. It provides a great archive of social/political articles and commentary.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Fayette Citizen News
No longer AJC subscribers, we now use these websites to keep up with the local news.

Blog Row at National Review Online offers timely comments on the news from a conservative perspective.

With links to timely articles, MercatorNet believes in "reframing ethical and policy debates in terms of human dignity, not dollars and cents or political calculation."

This website, a companion to RealClearPolitics, offers regularly updated links to news and views on religion and related issues.

National Catholic Reporter Online
NCR is a haven for aging Catholic hippies. The website offers John Allen's great "All Things Catholic" columns and a chance to talk with (and back to) fellow Catholics of various stripes.

Front Porch Republic
Front Porch Republic offers essays and comments on social issues from the viewpoint of young, traditionally minded intellectuals, many of whom acknowledge their indebtedness to Catholic social teaching.

The First Things website offers timely reflections on current social issues by contributors to First Things magazine.

America: The National Catholic Weekly
A blog as well as some (not all) of the Jesuit magazine America's articles are available on the website to non-subscribers.

Passion for Justice
This website from the Passionist religious community focuses on social justice issues.

The new dotCommonweal blog offers observations on Church and society from the perspective of liberal lay Catholics who edit and contribute to the magazine.

A Directory of Catholic Blogs

GALILEO is Georgia's online library system. With a password (available from public libraries), visitors can access full-text articles from both scholarly and popular publications.

The National Conference of Catholic Bishops offers a preview of readings upcoming in the liturgy.

The Universalis website in the UK provides online prayers from the Liturgy of the Hours, the Divine Office of the Catholic Church.